Biography refers to a written account of a person’s life. This account may cover the person’s complete life story or an event from that person’s life. Autobiography refers to a biography of a person, written by that person.

Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Contemporary Realistic Fiction refers to literature that is written “at the present time;” it usually deals with the problems and joys of day to day living

Historical Fiction
Historical Fiction refers to literature where fictional characters take part in actual historical events. This interaction may be in context of the event or actual persons from the past. Historical events are the framework for the story.

Informational Books are also known as non-fiction books. These books relate facts about the real world and explain concepts in an interesting format.

Modern Fantasy
Modern Fantasy refers to literature, written by an identifiable author, set in imaginative worlds and make-believe. These stories contain places, people and creatures that could not exist or events that could not happen such as animals talking. Science Fiction is considered Modern Fantasy since it is impossible at this time but could happen in the future.

Poetry refers to condensed language which is arranged in beautiful forms. The imagery is rich and the language is chosen for its sound and meaning. Poetry can be narrative, lyrical or free verse, or following a specific form (concrete, haiku, cinquain, or limerick).

Traditional refers of literature which originated orally and has no known author. Traditional literature includes folktales, tall tales, epics, nursery rhymes, fables, work songs.