Aurelie:  A Faerie Tale

Aurelia: A faerie Tale



Written by Heather Tomlinson

Henry Holt, 2008, 208 pp., $16.95

ISBN: 9780805082760  (ages: 12-16)
Rating: R   Genre: Modern Fantasy


This book is about Princess Aurelie and her three friends: Gavin, Netta, and Loic. During two years of tragic events, these friends have drifted apart. This separation is extremely hard for Aurelie. She starts to descend into the world of the fae, with Loic, to escape from her worries. She is soon reunited with her other two friends, just in time to fight Captain Inglis, who has stolen luck from a Vouivre. The friends unite to fight this battle and to defeat the Captain, with the hope to save Aurelie’s kingdom from evil. Will they survive this battle? Or will they fail? Read to find out. (Trade Book)


Reviewer:        Hailey Sullins

                        Pre-Service Teacher

                             Secondary Education, English


Suggested Themes: Friendship