Crazy Beautiful

Crazy Beautiful

Written by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Houghton Mifflin, 2009, 191 pp., $16.00
ISBN:  9780547223070    (ages: 13 – 17)
Rating: HR      Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction

This novel of young romance tells the story of Lucius Wolfe and Aurora Belle who just happens to be new students starting the same high school. Lucius notices Aurora first as she gets on the bus and feels like he knows her. He then wonders if love at first sight is really true. Lucius knows that he can never have a relationship with Aurora because he isn’t like everyone else. That year during an explosion he lost both his hands. How can a beautiful girl like Aurora want a boy with hooks as hands? What Lucius doesn’t know is that is exactly what Aurora wants. This book is based on unconditional friendship and unconditional love. High school is hard enough on normal kids, but this book tells how even harder it can be on a different kids. (Trade Book)

Reviewer:  Barbie Caldwell                       
                  Pre-Service Teacher                                                                    
                  Secondary Education, English   

Suggested Themes: Friendship