Goth Girl Rising

Goth Girl Rising

Written by Barry Lyga

Houghton Milton, 2009, pp.390, $14.12
ISBN:  9780547076645 (ages: 15-18)
Rating: RR       Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction 



Kyra Sellers has just been released from a mental health hospital, where she was sent after a failed suicide attempt following the death of her mother. Lyga’s novel follows Kyra through her struggle to find a place in a world that does not understand her any more than she understands it. Kyra’s relationships with the people around her; especially her father, have suffered due to Kyra’s inability to communicate what she is thinking and feeling. Kyra faces issues of friendship, sexuality and feminism as she tries to deal with the death of her mother, the grief of her father and the betrayal of a friend. (Trade Book)

Reviewer:  Tabatha Simpson                       
                  Pre-Service Teacher
                   Secondary Education, English   

Suggested Themes: Mental Health, Suicide,