Road to Tater Hill

Road to Tater Hill 


Written by Edith M. Hemingway

Delacorte Press, 2009, 213 pp., $17.99

ISBN: 9780385906272     (ages 10-up)

Rating: HR          Genre: Biography/Autobiography




Hemingway’s book The Road to Tater Hill follows an eleven year old girl named Annie who is staying with her grandparents in North Carolina during the summer of 1963. Her father is off in the service in Germany and her mother is beside herself with grief from the loss of Annie’s newborn baby sister, Mary-Kate. The book shows how Annie deals with the death of her sister and the feeling that she has lost her mother forever. Annie eventually meets someone, whom the town has written off, but she becomes Annie’s leading ally. Her best friend Bobby is always there to help her out, even though Annie feels he has changed like the rest of her family. Annie’s biggest fear is that nothing will ever be normal again. (Trade Book)



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