Ellis Island:  Coming to the Land of Liberty

 Ellis Island

Written by Raymond Bial

Photography by Raymond Bial


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009, 48 pp., $18.00

ISBN: 9780618999439           (ages: 9-12)                      

Rating: R            Genre: Informational


This book tells about the place where millions of immigrants have traveled to in order to obtain freedom in so many ways.  Of course, I am speaking of Ellis Island.  Wonderful photography of the whole facility and grounds are brought to life by the author Raymond Bial.  The book can serve as a tool for a teacher to incorporate into the social studies curriculum.  Bial gives details of how the immigrants were taken through when arriving to Ellis Island and sadly how some were turned away.  This is a  topic that teachers need to engage students in due to the fact that so many families can link their heritage back to Ellis Island.  Bial’s excellent photography and images add authenticity to the book.  Overall, Bial does a wonderful job in giving the history of the island.   (Trade Book)


Reviewer:        Shannon Williams                                          

                        Pre-Service Teacher

                       Mid-Level Education



Suggested Themes: History/Immigration