Keeping the Night Watch

Keeping the Night Watch 

Written by Hope Anita Smith

Illustrated by E.B. Lewis


Henry Holt, 2008, 80 pp., $18.95

ISBN: 9780805072020      (ages: 9-12)

Rating: HR       Genre: Poetry


This book uses narrative, free verse poetry to detail a 13-year-old boy’s struggle to accept his father back into the family after a prolonged absence. These beautifully written poems detail the anger, hurt and confusion that C.J. feels about his father’s return. C.J. is slower to accept his father back into the family. He has been the man of the family while his father was gone, and now he is unsure of his place in the family dynamic. He wants to forgive his father but is afraid to trust the man who betrayed him. His father knows he has wronged the family and is determined to not let them down again. Finally, C.J allows himself to emotionally accept his father back in his life. This book is a very powerful portrayal of the struggle to heal a broken family. (Trade Book)


Reviewer:                  Kimberly Sims

                                Pre-Service Teacher

  Secondary Education, English




Suggested Themes: Families, Father