The Klipfish Code

The Klipfish Code



Written by Mary Casanova


Houghton Mifflin,  2007, 228 pp., $16.00

ISBN: 9780618883936           (ages: 10-13)

Rating: HR                  Genre: Historical Fiction


This historical fiction intertwines fact and fiction to tell the story of ten-year-old Merit and how she deals with the Nazis invading her country of Norway. When the Nazis bomb her family’s home, Merit’s parents send her and her little brother to stay with her aunt and grandfather. Merit longs to help her parents in the Resistance, but she is forced by her grandfather to go about her life as if nothing has happened. However, when the Nazis arrest and take away her aunt, Merit learns that she can help the Resistance in her own way. (Trade Book)


Reviewer:        Jocelyn Spurlock

                        Pre-Service Teacher

                        Mid-Level Education


Suggested Themes: History, World War II