Written by Gary Paulsen

Wendy Lamb Books, 2009, 83 pp., $12.99

ISBN: 9780385746854 (ages: 10+)

Rating: HR      Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction


Mudshark, the “cool kid” at school, is great at solving mysteries. When the librarian’s parrot begins to steal all of Mudshark’s popularity, the school begins to turn upside down. A gerbil is on the loose and won’t stop tormenting Mr. Patterson, the faculty restroom is a nuclear disaster, and most importantly, all of the school’s erasers have been stolen. Luckily, the school principal, Mr. Wagner, knows exactly how to call. You must read the book to see if Mudshark can put the school back in order and save his popularity!

This book is perfect for children who are beginning to read chapter books. It is extremely humorous book and will have you laughing in no time! (Trade Book)

Reviewer:        Lanie Allen

                        Pre-Service Teacher

                        Mid-Level Education


Suggested Themes: Mysteries