Remarkable Women Writers

Remarkable women Writers


Written by Heather Ball


Second Story Press, 2006, 120 pp, $7.95

ISBN: 189718784    (ages 10+)

Rating: R      Genre: Biography


This biography can be used to teach a class from middle school English all the way to a college class on women writers. It is a good book for  girls who enjoy writing.  This book allows then to see that dreams can come true.

Heather Ball researched the lives of several famous female writers, presenting the facts in a way this is not dry or boring.  Did you know George Eliot was a woman? She was actually named Mary Ann Evans. If you will read the book you will find why she had to use a “pen name.” Are you a fan of the Harry Potter series? Do you know where J. K. Rowling was when inspiration hit her? Want to know? Did you know that Margaret Atwood was a Girl Scout and earned badges while living in Toronto? There are many interesting facts like this in each person’s section.  Ball writes also about Jane Austen, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Toni Morrison, Joy Kogawa, and Judy Blume. I found this book to be fun to read and full of interesting facts. I hope you will as well. This book is a well put together paperback with nicely researched photos and a beautiful cover. (Paperback)


Reviewer:        Erika Hagood

                        Pre-Service Teacher

                        Secondary Education, English


Suggested Themes: Women; Writing