The Seven Keys of Balabad

 The Seven Keys of Balabad

Written by Paul Haven

Illustrated by Mark Zug


Random House Children’s Books, 2009, 288 pp., $16.99

ISBN: 978037583350         (ages :10-12)

Rating: R            Genre: Modern Fantasy 


This intriguing novel is set in Balabad, a dusty Old World country where protagonist Oliver Finch moves from New York when his father gets reassigned as a reporter. The adventure begins when the only friend Oliver has made, Zee, turns up missing along with an ancient, one-of-a-kind carpet that has been stolen from Mr. Haji, the carpet seller. When a series of unusual crimes continue to occur in Balabad, the children, with the help of a girl named Alamai, join together to figure out the secrets of this exciting city. This exotic book keeps you on the edge of your seat as the mystery and danger of century-old secrets and customs come into play.


The book rates a “recommended as an additional book that will have appeal for readers.” This book is excellent for young readers who love adventure and crave mysteries in order to keep reading.  (Trade Book)


Reviewer:  Bailey Benton

                  Pre-Service Teacher

                  Secondary Education, English


Suggested Themes: Adventure; Mystery