Alligator Wedding


Alligator Wedding

Written by Nancy Jewell

Illustrated by J. Ruthland


Henry Holt, 2010, 32 pp., $16.99

ISBN: 978080506819-1          (ages: 4-8)

Rating: HR                 Genre: Modern Fantasy



Alligator Wedding is a wonderful children’s book about two alligators who are wed in the bayou. The vivid illustrations by Ruthland tell the story just as much as Jewell’s descriptive jargon. Jewell begins describing the slosh of the setting and the warm night when the couple wed. The wedding guests partake in a sloppy feast and then proceed to dance in the sticky fog of the bayou. Throughout the book, Jewell definitely portrays this ceremony as a fanciful celebration hosted by the swamp dwelling slithering beasts.  The cartoon-style illustrations add to the magic of the text.  (Trade Book)



Reviewer:     Brittney Collins

Pre-Service Teacher

Early Childhood Education


Suggested Themes: Relationships/ Humor