Baby Shower


Baby Shower



Written by Jane Breskin Zalben

Illustrated by Jane Breskin Zalben


Roaring Brook Press, 2010, 32 pp., $16.99

ISBN: 978159643465-3      (ages: 3-7)

Rating: HR                                      Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction



Baby Shower is a sweet story that will leave children begging for pets. Zoe’s longing for a pet is understandable to most and her undying determination is encouraging. Zoe is infatuated with animals -- she has bunny slippers, a piggy lamp and a paw print rug.  All she needs now is a real pet of her own. To take her mind off having a pet,  her mom asks her to help with her Aunt Ellie’s baby shower.  She has a dream about a baby shower but a totally new kind of baby shower. It really raines cats and dogs. The wonderful descriptive words and beautiful illustrations of sweet babies falling all over the city make for a cozy and fun read aloud story. “Lambs lolled on lawns, turtles tangled traffic, rabbits rained on rooftops” these phrases open a child’s vocabulary to something new and different while the gorgeous illustrations give them something to view.  In the end Aunt Ellie has twins a boy and a girl and Zoe becomes a big cousin; but that’s not all, she also becomes a mommy to a sweet puppy she names baby. This is a wonderful ending for a child who is soon to become a big cousin.  (Trade Book)



Reviewer:   Katey Cleveland

                    Pre-Service Teacher

                    Early Childhood Education



Suggested Themes: New babies; Animals