A Little at a Time


A Little at a Time

Written by David A. Adler

Illustrated by Paul Tong


Holiday House, 2010, 32 pp., $16.95

ISBN:  9780823417391     (ages: 3-5)

Rating:  HR          Contemporary Realistic Fiction


David A. Adler’s book “A Little at a Time” is a story about a grandfather taking his grandson on a walk to the museum.  On the way there and back they walk through the park, a construction site, the city, and even stop to have ice cream.  We all know that children have a very intense curiosity, and I think that is what Adler is trying to portray in his book.  It is a pleasant story about a child wanting to know everything and thinking that his grandfather has all the answers.    It is has a little bit of everything, including family, science, and city life.  This book would be a great read for young children, especially in the pre-kindergarten setting. (Trade Book)


Reviewer:           Myra Easley

                          Pre-Service Teacher

                          Early Childhood Education


Suggested themes:  Relationships/Family