Too Many Turkeys

Too Many Turkeys


Written by Linda White

Illustrated by Megan Lloyd


Holiday House, 2010, 32 pp., $16.95

ISBN: 978082342084        (ages: 4 and up)

Rating: R                              Genre: Modern Fantasy


Too Many Turkeys is a great book to read aloud – laughter will abound!  One day a woman is working in her garden when suddenly a lonely turkey shows up. Her husband insists on keeping the turkey, so he builds the turkey a home in the backyard. The woman notice that her garden and flowers have never looked so good and it turns out the turkey is fertilizing the garden and flowers. Everyone wants to know her secret but she will not tell. While she is gone to a flower convention more and more turkeys show up and eat the vegetables out of the garden. The husband tries and tries to keep them away but fails every time. Soon the neighbors notice all the turkeys and this gives the husband an idea -- give a turkey to each neighbor to get rid of them.  When the woman returns home she realizes that her garden in not the only one that looks magnificent, but everyone else’s does too. The secret must have gotten out she says.  The cartoon-style illustrations are beautiful and bright. They are really eye catching and add to the humorous text.  (Trade Book)


Reviewer:           Janea Tate

                          Pre- Service Teacher

                          Early Childhood Education


Suggested Themes:  Humor