As Big As You

As Big As You

Written and Illustrated by Elaine Greenstein

Alfred A. Knopf, 2002, 32 pp., $14.95

ISBN 0-375-81353-5  (6 months – 4 year)

Rating:  R         Genre: Poetry Picture Book

 As Big As You (2002) written and illustrated by Elaine Greenstein includes a series of poetic similes inspired by nature to describe a child’s growth from birth to toddler.  The text and illustrations are charming using seasonal references, fruits, vegetables, plants, and animals to describe a child’s development.  (“When you were born, you were as big as a cabbage; ...  you grew as large as a pumpkin; … You were as wiggly as a puppy.”)  The mixed media illustrations are engaging and support the text allowing for a comparison to be made between the child and the items referenced.  This book is most appropriate for lap reading but would be useful for preschool units on growth, change, or seasons.  Trade Book

Reviewer: Tracie D. Fletcher

                Pre-Service Teacher

                Early Childhood